Psychologist Etterbeek – Izabela Nowak

About me

izabela nowak psychologue etterbeekI work from cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) framework, believing that people have within themselves vast resources and capacity for living a satisfying and hopeful life even in presence of limitations.


I continued my education in the field of psychology over the last twenty years, completing a Master in Clinical Psychology in Barcelona and PhD in Medical Sciences at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. Currently I am accredited clinical psychologist in Belgium, where I work in a private practice. I tailor therapeutic interventions to the needs of clients, including

traditional CBT approaches, as well as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness approaches and schema therapy. On a more personal note, for most part of my adult life I have been an expat myself, living in the UK, Spain and Belgium. Therefore, I am aware of the challenges people meet on this journey from both professional and personal perspective.

urrently I am happily settled into expat life in Brussels.

My approach

I proceed from developing a view of the problem with the client in a supportive and respectful manner. This is followed by identification of personalised, therapy goals and interventions to address them, mostly derived from traditional and so called „third wave” CBT approaches. The sessions may alternate with solution-focused brief therapy to facilitate the collaborative problem-solving.

We may make a step into your past and work with schema therapy. The process involves active participation during sessions and integrates homework into the working method.

Languages :

English, Polish, Spanish

integrates homework into the working method.

Do you have questions ?

If you need further information, you wish to ask a more specific question, or you want a psychologist's opinion of your case, you can call the secretariat to make an appointment or send an email to the secretariat.

In need of a psychologist?

There is never a good or a bad time. Whatever your problem, your worry or simply your desire to speak or to be listened to, you can call a psychologist whenever you feel the need. It is your desire and your need which are at the heart of this process. Here are some examples of specific problems which could lead to a patient consulting a psychologist:
You feel an uneasiness at work, […]

A psychologist to help you…

A psychologist is a professional that looks after the troubles, complex or not, which affect our emotions, our stability, our well-being, and our “state of mind”.

The aim of having therapy is so that you feel relieved from one or more of the problems which are weighing you down and which had been unmanageable for you.

Therapy allows you to put into words things which will let you draw a line under these problems, or find the causes and explanations which will make you stronger and more able to manage your emotions towards these problems.

As a natural consequence, your general state will improve, you will regain confidence in yourself, and move forward on the path of well-being.