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Contacting my secretariat Psychologist

You are absolutely free to get in touch with any of the psychologists on this website (you don’t need a medical prescription to make an appointment with a psychologist)… make contact psychologist Brussels

■ if you have an urgent question that you want answered as soon as possible.
■ if you need additional information for yourself or loved one.
■ if you want to make an appointment. Psychologist Brussels

Phone number: +32 (0)2 669 04 99

You can also contact the secretariat via the contact form. Don’t forget to also include your phone number, that makes communication a bit more effective. Psychologist Brussels

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A psychologist to help you…

A psychologist is a professional that looks after the troubles, complex or not, which affect our emotions, our stability, our well-being, and our “state of mind”.

The aim of having therapy is so that you feel relieved from one or more of the problems which are weighing you down and which had been unmanageable for you.

Therapy allows you to put into words things which will let you draw a line under these problems, or find the causes and explanations which will make you stronger and more able to manage your emotions towards these problems.

As a natural consequence, your general state will improve, you will regain confidence in yourself, and move forward on the path of well-being.